What is the Third Estate? Everything. What has it been hitherto in the political order? Nothing. What does it desire? To become something.

That bourgeois revolutionary Sieyes wrote those three questions and those three answers shortly before that event which shook the world. They heralded the coming of the Third Estate’s bourgeois and proletarian hordes that would pillage the Ancien Régime for everything it had, destroying altogether that which they could not subsume into themselves.

Flash forward to Nivôse 21 CXXIX, or in reactionary Gregorian terms, January 11th, 2021 A.D., and liberalism has achieved its final victory over all else…

It is rare that American politics ever affords the communists a moment to laugh. Most often, when a bourgeois faction suffers a humiliating defeat, it regrettably occurs at the hands of another bourgeois faction, so rudely drowning out our quiet, spiteful chortling with the fanfare of yet another petty-bourgeois victory, one that the winning faction’s liberals will view as enduring, and one at which we will sigh and wait for its inevitable fall to a different iteration of liberalism. But the liberal-nationalists’ pathetic excuse for an insurrection at the Capitol combined with the liberal-democrats’ similarly inept excuse for a response…


The musings of a communist, nothing more. Please enjoy.

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